Although John Bisbee couldn’t have known it at the time, Bright Common got its start in 1995 when his mom and younger brother Sam bought him an acoustic guitar for his 30th birthday. The first song he wrote was inspired by his favorite person, a dog named Pearl. Mark Wethli joined him soon after on bass guitar, followed by Cassie Jones on keyboards and Anthony Gatti on drums.

John, Anthony, Cassie and Mark live in Maine.

Bright Common is especially lucky to have friends and talented musicians like Sam Bisbee, Sterling Black, Gideon Bok, Courtney Brecht, Ben Butler, Paul Comaskey, Peter Coviello, Kyle Downs, Elephant C, Kathryn Jacoby, Neil Lamb, Dan O’Leary, Trevor Peterson, Jandy Porter, Moira Greenspun Tarmy, Trimpin, Ben Trout, Annie Tsang, and Steve Watt play music with them; some when they record, some when they play live, and some along the way.

Photo: Luc Demers; Collage: Mark Wethli
Mark, Anthony, Cassie, Bonnie, and John